Month: February 2010

Is Your Life Just One Big RPG

Jesse Schell gave an engaging presentation at DICE 2010 about game design “outside the box, beyond Facebook” and more:

Behaviorist Game Design

Dan Lawrence recently posted a thoughtful essay about ethics, psychology, and game design: It seems to me that the very
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Gameshastra opens 1000-seat game design studio

Gaming is big business — bigger than movies, worldwide. Item, this recent business news: Gameshastra opens 1000-seat facility in Hyderabad
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Maryland Budget Game

I have a longstanding interest in games with practical real-world applications. For example, this budget balancer game, where you try
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German Tower by Pxbeetle

German Tower by Pxbeetle Pxbeetle makes some of the most beautiful maps I’ve ever seen. This guy knows that he’s
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Colourblind Gaming

Dan Griliopoulos, a lifelong gamer who suffers from deuteranopia, a form of red-green colourblindness, has written a very interesting essay
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How to Become an Indie Developer in Eight Steps

The Guardian recently posted a list of principles for aspiring game designers. Here’s an excerpt: Choose the right project Be
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