Month: October 2010

Anonymous Public USB Dead Drops

“You Can’t Tell Your USB from a Hole in the Wall.” Aram Bartholl is mortaring USB drives into walls, curbs,
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Get Lamp

“Digital historian Jason Scott has an eclectic portfolio. At, he collects files and related materials from the era of
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“Javascript- and browser-based games offer a very low barrier of entry.” — Zach Johnson Indie-game developer Zach Johnson is the
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Students Making Games Out of Math, Science

University students in Guelph, Ontario will be showcasing their original games based on math and science: University of Guelph engineering
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The Path

This looks interesting: “There is a single rule in the game, but it needs to be broken. There is a
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Risk in MMO Design

Wolfshead recently published a thoughtful and extensive essay about risk, skill, and related topics in game design. Here’s an excerpt:
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“Sims” Creator To Debut Crowd-Sourced, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure TV Show

Will Wright, creator of The Sims, Sim City and Spore will be co-producing a new program on CurrentTV called “Bar
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Learn Game Design By Playing With Legos

Zen Albatross writes: My colleague and former classmate Graham shared with me this customizable Lego board game as a means
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The First-Person Observer

Go read The First-Person Observer. Do it now. Via Rock Paper Shotgun.

Lessons in Building Information Modeling Adoption

“The whole process becoming like a video game design with everyone together working around one work space for a true
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