Little Dipper

Little Dipper - map for Unreal Tournament 3 by Karl Jones - Editor perspective view

Little Dipper (2012)

Game:  Unreal Tournament 3

Game mode: Warfare

Number of players: 12 seems about right to me (it’s a small map with lots of close-quarters mayhem)

Version: 33

This is a playtest release — very playable despite some rough edges that need finishing  — send me your comments, critiques, complaints

Update: Version 612 [September 30, 2012]

Improved version, more to come

Download Little Dipper 612

Update: Version 704 [October 1, 2012]

Re-arranged some of the geometry … fixed some of the stuck-spots … added ramps to the turrets near the center node, but the ramps are too steep, I will fix that in the next version ….

Download Little Dipper 704

Update: Version 712 [October 5, 2012]

Various changes … check it out:

Download Little Dipper 712