UT3 Mapping Contest: Potential Bonus Schwag

Voivode: map for Unreal Tournament 3 by the Handy Vandal - Blue Charges Power Node

New prize!

The Handy Vandal will provide Bonus Schwag — perhaps custom T-shirts, the Handy Vandal has not decided yet, but something worth owning — if the contest receives (and accepts) maps from ten or more different mappers.

The Handy Vandal is eager to encourage participation: the contest is a talent search, among other things.

If T-shirts persuade mappers to participate, then T-shirts it shall be. If some other schwag will win your love, please inform the Handy Vandal.

Other ideas? The Handy Vandal welcomes your suggestions for recruiting participants: karl@karljones.com.

Voivode (above): Blue powers up freshly captured power node, while Red counter-attacks with Link gun.

UT3 Mapping Contest: It Begins!

Little Dipper:  map for Unreal Tournament 3 by the Handy Vandal - Red Scorn attacking Blue orb carrier

All of the UT3 Mapping Contest maps are now online and available for download.

This includes both compiled (playable) maps, and source (editable) maps.

The challenge:

Take one (or more) of my Unreal Tournament 3 maps and Make It Better.

Cash Prizes! Yes!

See Unreal Map Contest for more information about the contest.

Update Nov. 16: Deadline is March 10, 2014.

Above: Red Scorn attacking the Blue orb carrier.