Now this is inspiring — !

GameInternals: all theory, no practice

GameInternals aims to spread knowledge of interesting game mechanics beyond the game-specific enthusiast communities. Each post focuses on a specific game mechanic that would normally only be known to high-level players of a particular game, and attempts to explain it in a manner that would be understandable even by readers unfamiliar with that game.

— Chad Birch

Bingo! Exactly the kind of thing that fascinates me! Direct hit, mister Birch!

Pac-Man Ghost behavior: Blinky targeting (via GameInternals)I’m adding GameInternals to my favorites list.

Birch’s first post, Understanding Pac-Man Ghost Behavior, got immediate and well-deserved publicity at Boing Boing and Slashdot, blogs that I follow regularly.

Kudos to GameInternals; more, please.