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Soft Guerilla

Kyle Bean has created a series of “weapons made from harmless materials” for CUT magazine. These images have a playful
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William Gibson on videogames

“It seemed to me that what [players] wanted was to be inside the games, within the notional space of the
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Big money in social betting games

Games and gambling and social media are combining in profitable new ways: Crowdpark, a startup developer focused on social betting
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Zynga and Video Games

Scott Steinberg asks: “Is Zynga Now A Video Game Company?” Certainly. Zynga’s as much a video game company as any
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Jeff Koons Must Die!!! The Video Game

Jeff Koons Must Die!!! The Video Game from Hunter Jonakin. — Tip of the hat to Agent 99 for the
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Designing Games with Massive Social Data

Social networking is changing more than games: it’s changing game design. For years, “classically trained” game designers in the industry
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Game Design Has Become a Game

To a game designer, everything is game design … including game design: The most exclusive game on Facebook is also
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“Sims” Creator To Debut Crowd-Sourced, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure TV Show

Will Wright, creator of The Sims, Sim City and Spore will be co-producing a new program on CurrentTV called “Bar
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The First-Person Observer

Go read The First-Person Observer. Do it now. Via Rock Paper Shotgun.

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