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Generating fantasy maps

Martin O’Leary has created an excellent Fantasy Map Generator — and shared the source code! I wanted to make maps
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Verigames: verify software by playing games

Play games to help defend — or at least debug — your nation. Formal Verification is the process of rigorously
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Videogames for Humans

Twine is a tool for making interactive fiction in the form of web pages. A new anthology curated by Merritt
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Game Analytics From A Game Designer’s Perspective

“Game analytics are not just about sales. They are about getting a better understanding of our games and of our
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Shelter 2

“Things got heavy when I played this animal-mothering game.” – Leigh Alexander In 2013 there was a game called Shelter,
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ASCII fluid simulator

This ASCII fluid simulator has a game-like quality which someone may find inspiring: Via Boing Boing.

In Physics

Artificial Intelligence Bests Humans At Classic Arcade Games

“A computer learning on its own to play complicated video games like Breakout (see video below), in which you have
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UT3 Mapping Contest: Potential Bonus Schwag

New prize! The Handy Vandal will provide Bonus Schwag — perhaps custom T-shirts, the Handy Vandal has not decided yet,
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UT3 Mapping Contest: It Begins!

All of the UT3 Mapping Contest maps are now online and available for download. This includes both compiled (playable) maps,
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UT3 Mapping Contest Update

I have posted one more map — Gilgamesh — and updated Terranium as well. All of the compiled (playable) maps
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