10 Reasons You Need To Play Ace Of Spades

Ace of Spades
Quintin Smith really, really wants you to play Ace of Spades:

10 Reasons You Need To Play Ace Of Spades

Have I got your attention? Then I’ll begin. Ace of Spades is a freeware, multiplayer Minecraft-alike that takes Minecraft’s cuboid building mechanics and drapes a World War 1 setting on top of it, with the end result being a huge, immersive, dynamic game of capture the flag.

On the one hand, you’ve got two teams of sixteen exchanging rifle fire and grenades, trying to push forward and outflank one another. On the other hand, both teams are trying to improve their position by building bunkers, bridges and tunnels. If you want to give it a shot you’ll find the game here and a guide to playing it here. If not, then I’ve assembled ten reasons why you should reconsider your position ….

(1) It quietly one-ups Minecraft by having rudimentary physics.

(2) Building is flexible without being open to abuse.

(3) The tunnels are nauseatingly claustrophobic.

Quintin Smith @ Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Post Script: mod for Half-Life 2

Post Script is an interesting new mod-in-progress for Half-Life 2 by Lewis Denby:

Post Script: mod for Half-Life 2

Post Script is an episodic, interactive narrative, exploring a set of characters as they look back on the second end of the world.

A post-post-apocalyptic tale of humanity and inhumanity, Post Script examines the nature of society, how it shapes us and how it’s shaped by us. It asks how we respond to astonishing hostility and unexpected love. It raises big questions, but there’s a decent chance it won’t get round to answering them. It is, vestigially, a series of very short computer games, in which you do a lot of walking around and occasionally solve a lightweight puzzle.

Lewis Denby

– Via GamesIndustry.biz

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