FlashPunk ActionScript Library Released

Flash developers may be interested in FlashPunk, a Flash ActionScript library:
Flash Punk

Chevy Ray Johnston (Beacon, Skullpogo) has released FlashPunk, his own ActionScript library designed to offer “a fast, clean framework for prototyping and developing games”. He’s not only put the tool online for free, he’s posted some online documentation, written a beginner’s tutorial, and setup forums.

FlashPunk is specifically geared toward creators who like to work with with 2D raster/bitmap graphics, as opposed to vector graphics. “It can manage thousands of animated bitmap sprites on-screen at a time without slowing, a lot faster than Flash normally could, because it operates under the assumption that your game primarily uses bitmapped graphics,” explains the developer.

FlashPunk ActionScript Library Released @ Game Retail Store

Miami Shark

What could be more fun that a game where you play a shark that eats people and dolphins and other animals? and crashes into boats, causing them to explode?

A game where you play a shark that leaps into the air, seizes planes and helicopters, and drags them their watery (and explosive) deaths!

It’s Flash! It’s fun! It’s free!

Miami Shark (via Rock, Paper, Shotgun).

Miami Shark