Dungeons and Dragons Digital Dice Gauntlet

Shake your bracer-clad arm, generate a random D&D die roll. Complete do-it-yourself instructions, lavishly illustrated. Be the star of your next gaming party!

Barbarian Bracer Digital Dice Roller

The D&D bracer is a fairly quick, fun, nerdy LilyPad project. The final product is a wearable bracer with a display that will randomly generate numbers between 1 and 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, or 100 in response to arm movement, so it can effectively replace all of the dice in your bag for a D&D session. It can also serve as a decorative costume piece to get you in character!

This is an intermediate LilyPad tutorial. You can expect to do a fair amount of sewing, moderate crafting, and you’ll need to be able to upload code to a LilyPad arduino board. You don’t have to write the code, it’s been supplied for you. However, if you want to practice or play around with it, there’s room to customize.

Sparkfun Electronics

Via Boing Boing.

The Exterminator’s Want-Ad

The Exterminator's Want AdThe Exterminator’s Want-Ad is a wickedly clever short story by Bruce Sterling (one of my favorite writers) about a dystopian future where political prisoners are sentenced to role playing games. Here’s a taste, for inspiration:

When we weren’t planting beans in the former back yard, or digging mold out of the attic insulation, we had to do rehab therapy. This was our prisoner consciousness-building encounter scheme. The regime made us play social games. We weren’t allowed computer games in prison: just dice, graph paper, and some charcoal sticks that we made ourselves.

So, we played this elaborate paper game called “Dungeons and Decency.” Three times a week. The lady warden was our Dungeon Master.