Category: Somebody Should Make This Game

Creating bacterial ‘fight clubs’ to discover new drugs

“Creating bacterial “fight clubs” is an effective way to find new drugs from natural sources.” That is the conclusion of
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The JetCapsule — a luxury micro-yacht from Lazzarini Design — should be in a game: Now is that James Bond
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Coffee shop construction toy belongs in a videogame

Geometric object constructed from coffee stirrers and straws. Simple, efficient, useful, elegant: Bucky Fuller would smile and approve the design.
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“OpenWorm is an open source project dedicated to creating a virtual C. elegans nematode in a computer.” Via Boing
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Quasi-Objects of Lorenzo Oggiano

“La vita è un processo reale e autonomo indipendente da qualsiasi specifica manifestazione materiale.”* — Lorenzo Oggiano “Quasi-Objects” regards data
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Battle Shoe

This belongs in a game somewhere. It really does: — Phil Noto Via Boing Boing.

Motorcycles out of watch parts

These lovely objects belong in a game somewhere. They really do: motorcycles out of watch parts by dkart71 Someone, please,
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Obsolete (2006) This belongs in a game somewhere. It really does. Pawel Hynek’s 2006 image “Obsolete” depicts a homeless robot
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Caution The Floor Is Now Lava

I would love to find this “Caution The Floor Is Now Lava” sign in a first-person shooter game. Who will
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Test Tube Baby

Test Tube Baby — T-shirt design by Patrickspens. Via Laughing Squid. This should be a game! Won’t someone think of
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