Unreal Engine 4 Is Now Free

Epic Games recently announced a new business model:

Unreal Engine 4 is now available to everyone for free, and all future updates will be free!

You can download the engine and use it for everything from game development, education, architecture, and visualization to VR, film and animation. When you ship a game or application, you pay a 5% royalty on gross revenue after the first $3,000 per product, per quarter. It’s a simple arrangement in which we succeed only when you succeed.

This is the complete technology we use at Epic when building our own games. It scales from indie projects to high-end blockbusters; it supports all the major platforms; and it includes 100% of the C++ source code. Our goal is to give you absolutely everything, so that you can do anything and be in control of your schedule and your destiny. Whatever you require to build and ship your game, you can find it in UE4, source it in the Marketplace, or build it yourself – and then share it with others.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games

To download, register for your Epic Games account.

This is good news for developers. Hats off to Epic.

Via Slashdot.

Monday Night UT3

Monday Nights are UT3 nights! Join us online for mayhem!

7 – 9 PM (Central Standard Time)

(The server is running 24 x 7 — you can play any time.)

UT3 Mapping Contest: Potential Bonus Schwag

Voivode: map for Unreal Tournament 3 by the Handy Vandal - Blue Charges Power Node

New prize!

The Handy Vandal will provide Bonus Schwag — perhaps custom T-shirts, the Handy Vandal has not decided yet, but something worth owning — if the contest receives (and accepts) maps from ten or more different mappers.

The Handy Vandal is eager to encourage participation: the contest is a talent search, among other things.

If T-shirts persuade mappers to participate, then T-shirts it shall be. If some other schwag will win your love, please inform the Handy Vandal.

Other ideas? The Handy Vandal welcomes your suggestions for recruiting participants: karl@karljones.com.

Voivode (above): Blue powers up freshly captured power node, while Red counter-attacks with Link gun.

Mapping Contest Starts November First, 2013

Merovech: map for Unreal Tournament 3 by the Handy Vandal

It is official, I declare it thus:

Friday November First, 2013 shall be the first day of the Handy Vandal’s UT3 Mapping Contest.

That’s when I will post all of the editable source files for the contest maps, making them available for download and modification.

Mervoch: map for Unreal Tournament 3 by the Handy Vandal.  Scene:  Editor Wireframe: Core

I have already started posting the playable compiled files — see UT3 Map Contest — and will post the remainder over the next several days.

The contest will run for two and half, maybe three months (I haven’t decided yet — will let you know soon).

Heavy Equipment: map for Unreal Tournament 3 by the Handy Vandal: Scene: War Party