Mapping Contest Starts November First, 2013

Merovech: map for Unreal Tournament 3 by the Handy Vandal

It is official, I declare it thus:

Friday November First, 2013 shall be the first day of the Handy Vandal’s UT3 Mapping Contest.

That’s when I will post all of the editable source files for the contest maps, making them available for download and modification.

Mervoch: map for Unreal Tournament 3 by the Handy Vandal.  Scene:  Editor Wireframe: Core

I have already started posting the playable compiled files — see UT3 Map Contest — and will post the remainder over the next several days.

The contest will run for two and half, maybe three months (I haven’t decided yet — will let you know soon).

Heavy Equipment: map for Unreal Tournament 3 by the Handy Vandal: Scene: War Party

Handy Vandal’s Unreal Tournament 3 Map Contest

Heavy Equipment - Red Player Attacks Blue Titan


  • $100 for Most Beautiful
  • $100 for Best Gameplay
  • $100 for Best Scripting
  • $250 Grand Prize: Best of the Best

My Maps + Your Talents = Amazing

I have a created twenty-some original maps for Unreal Tournament 3. All of them are playable and good fun, but I am not satisfied.

I want to collaborate with other mappers, combining our talents to create amazing maps. This contest is my way of finding those talented collaborators, and persuading you — with cash — that it’s worth your time to further my ambitions.

I will make all my source files (along with the compiled playable versions) available for download. You download one or more files, and get busy in the editor, Making Things Better. When your work is ready, post it somewhere online where the judges can download it, and send us the link.

The judges are Patrick Ladwig and myself. Patrick is my main gaming man: I trust his judgement and so can you.

After testing the maps, discussing the maps, arguing the maps, and judging the maps, we will announce winners in the four categories.

I will personally write and send checks to the winners.

All of the prize-winning maps, along with those runners-up making the first cut, will be made available for download at the Handy Vandal’s Almanac, with screenshots and lurid descriptions and all that jazz.

When? Soon!

I am eager to play maps and write checks. But first, let us get organized.

Request for Comments

During this preliminary phase, I am interested in hearing from you — I want to get feedback from potential contestants (and anyone else who has something to offer) before finalizing the contest rules.

Contact me:

Heavy Equipment - Red Player attacks Blue Titan - Editor Wireframe

Award Categories

A rough guide to criteria:

  • Most Beautiful
    • Textures
    • Lighting
    • Replace ordinary brushes with static meshes and blocker brushes
    • Add emitters
  • Best Gameplay
    • Improve the gameplay experience
    • Modify geometry
    • Modify the actors (spawn points, weapons, nodes, flag bases)
    • Add scripting
  • Best Scripting
    • Kismet and Matinee
    • Special scripted effects
    • Interactive features
  • Grand Prize: Best of the Best
    • Anything goes! Astonish us!

Again, the above is a rough guide to awards category criteria. Other criteria could be named — please contact me during this preliminary phase with your thoughts.

Heavy Equipment - Red Player attacks Blue Titan - Editor Lit

Return of the Handy Vandal

After several years of hibernation, I’ve decided to revive the Handy Vandal’s Almanac.

This new version uses WordPress, about which I’ve learned a thing or two (mostly during the several years of hibernation).

I’ll write occasional blog posts about games and game development, collect and organize links to interesting web sites, answer questions from readers, and so on.

I’m also planning to migrate some portions of the old Half-Life 2 Almanac into WordPress.

Finally, I’m thinking about reviving Xen Rebels, or starting some other mod for Half-Life 2, or possibly for Unreal. I’m still undecided about whether or not to commit to the effort, but I’m seriously thinking about it.