Spartacus (conceptual sketch)

This is a conceptual sketch I made for Spartacus — a new map I have in mind:

Spartacus (conceptual sketch new map)

Spartacus — so called because I like naming my maps after military figures — will be a Warfare map for Unreal Tournament 3 (unless Unreal Tournament 4 becomes available first).

The map will have substantial asymmetry between Blue and Red:

  • Blue is Rome — a central fortress with a dense concentration of resources
  • Red is Spartacus — distributed resources, widely spaced and relatively vulnerable, but more numerous overall

This is a back-burner project … I will let it simmer a while, play with that image, think about power node paths and the like.

I have prepared a PDF file containing several copies of the sketch — please feel free to print the page, scribble some lines and arrows and notes, scan and send me the results.

Meanwhile, and speaking of collaboration, I have another project — a big one — in the works, about which more in due course.