“Javascript- and browser-based games offer a very low barrier of entry.”
— Zach Johnson

Indie-game developer Zach Johnson is the author of Infiltration:

Infiltration was built in response to blog Boing Boing’s call for games to be developed that were inspired by “chip music”. Most likely very familiar to gamer cycles but not far beyond, chip music is inspired by early video game soundtracks. Think Asteroids, Pac Man and a host of Nintendo games. Grab a Casio keyboard and hang on …

Johnson, a fan of this unique musical genre, has spent more than his fair share of time listening to chip music and envisioning the game activity that it might accompany. A User Experience developer at Worrell, he says, “Video games contributed to shaping my entire career in computers.” It was clearly a natural for him to develop a chip-music-inspired game.

Indie-game-developer game designs tend to be very simplistic, with an almost nostalgic look and feel. “Part of the design is a nod to the old-school music, but it’s probably more about the amount of time and money indie game developers have to spend on the games.” He goes on to note, “It took nine people a year to write Pac Man; I wrote this in about 30 hours.”

Johnson also saw an opportunity to advance his passion for open programming. “I wanted to make a game that didn’t need a plug-in.” Hence the use of Javascript, allowing the ability to play the game directly from your browser. ” Javascript- and browser-based games offer a very low barrier of entry,” notes Johnson.

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