Voivode (map for Unreal Tournament 3)


Name: Voivode

Game mode: Warfare

Recommended number of players: 12-24


Once the Tarydium ore has been mined out of the ground, transported off-world for processing and finally refined into pristine crystals, the multinational conglomerates financing the mining operations still need to take possession of the finished product. This allows a final opportunity for morally questionable individuals to make a play for more than their fair share. The warehouse at Voivode is a prime site for opportunists looking to increase their stake in the market. By gaining and holding control of a single, shielded Power Node, an unscrupulous Guild can advance on a rival’s Core facility and fight for possession of all Tarydium in the complex.

Power Cores are heavily shielded
Power Cores are heavily shielded, but still vulnerable to concentrated tactical assault.

The Prime Node his reinforced defenses
The Prime Node his reinforced defenses that make it near impossible to assault from the distance of a Guild’s Core area.

The Prime Node is safely removed from Core areas
The Prime Node is safely removed from Core areas, yet not so distant that it is safe from interlopers.